Big Flower

The yellow plastic bags of this kinetic sculpture catch the wind and swell up with air creating movement and a light rustling sound.  Coming up and out from between two trees it looks like a “BIG FLOWER” against the Providence skyline.

Materials: Yellow plastic shopping bags, Orange Safety fencing, Telephone pole

Dimensions: 48 Ft. Tall  x  14” Diameter

Date: 1998

Gift of the artist to the City of Providence, RI

BACKGROUND: This sculpture located at the entrance to the Providence Yacht Club, was a gift of the artist to the City of Providence for period or one year, then it was deinstalled. The plastic bags were donated by the Ann & Hope department store Cumberland, RI, plastic fencing was donated by Aetna Bridge Construction of Johnston, RI and the cherry picker bucket lift used for the installation was donated by Dimeo Construction Company, Providence, RI.