Full Circle

In this piece “Full Circle” I continued to explore the hidden material of the 3.5” floppy – out of the shell; to touch, twist and bend the thin, black, opaque disk of film.

I started to experiment by pushing the disk into different size round indentations that I made in wood.  I found that different diameters and depths of hole dramatically changed the contour of the flexible floppy material, causing it’s outer edge to ripple and wave, picking up light, giving it life and acting very flower-like.  By introducing a small piece of silk Hydrangea petal into the center of the hub I was able to further enhance the botanical feeling of each disk.

This sculpture, “Full Circle”, corrals 91 pastel colored flower disks across a field of 5.25” old style floppy blackness.  The thin, deep, galvanized steel rim pulls the group into a tight but easy circle, setting them up into a swirling formation provoking other ideas, separate from their individual bits of information by subverting the accumulation of materials.  They go away from being floral pads, towards a greater whole, a larger mass of images and patterns, a full circle of color and catchers of light.

Materials: Floppy disks, silk flowers, polychrome wood, galvanized steel

Dimensions: 37” dia. x 3 1/2” deep

Date: 2000

Corporate Collection