Night Bloomers

With these pieces titled, “Night Bloomers” I continued to explore the hidden material of the 3.5” floppy disk – out of it’s shell; to touch, twist and bend this thin, black, shiny, opaque disk of film.

I started to experiment by pushing the disk into different size round indentations that I made in wood.  I found that different diameters and depths of hole dramatically changed the contour of the flexible floppy material, causing it’s outer edge to ripple and wave, picking up light, giving it life and acting very flower-like.  By introducing a small piece of silk Hydrangea petal into the center of the hub I was able to further enhance the botanical feeling of each disk.

From one to 100, these catchers of light can cluster into unlimited formations and patterns across both flat and curved walls or follow the contours of a stairwell all the way up and down.

Floppy Disks, Artificial flowers, Stainless steel, polychrome wood

Configuration variable, Each 4” diameter x 1.5”