Windows on Technology


Materials: Pieces of Lottery Terminals

Dimensions: 5 Ft. x 7 Ft.

Date: 1993

Commission: GTECH the largest manufacturer of lottery and gaming devices in the world wanted a sculpture for their new lobby. The essence of their business is Numbers, Games, and Technology which inspired me to build a huge game board of numbers constructed entirely out of pieces of their lottery terminals. There are multiple levels of discovery built into this wall mounted sculpture, apparent from different viewing distances they heighten the game aspect of the finished piece and entertain the viewer.

This wall shallow relief sculpture is hung in the lobby of their new high technology wing, where vendors and visitors wait to be admitted in. The secretary at that entry point told me that she constantly overhears sales people jumping up with excitement upon discovering that one of their transistors, diodes, or circuit boards was used in the creation of this work of art. It gave them a sense of pride and connection to GTECH, far beyond and different than making a sale.